The beginning of the design process for the Jakku table involved discussions with Magda and Mateusz, the founders of the Miloni brand, and visits to the production facility located amidst the Kashubian forests. The result of these meetings was our proposal to expand the current target audience of the Miloni brand to include younger customers from Generations Y and Z, who are looking for their first high-quality piece of furniture at an affordable price.

To execute this project, we thoroughly analyzed the available technologies, production capabilities, and other factors influencing cost. We optimized every stage of the project, aiming to create a table that meets the expectations of both ourselves and our customers. Our pursuit of minimalism allowed us to create the most affordable extendable table in the manufacturer’s range while maintaining the highest quality standards that the brand is known for.

year: 2024
manufacturer: Miloni
design: KABO & PYDO design studio
design team: Tomasz Pydo, Katarzyna Borkowska, Jacek Nosiła


The table we designed for the Miloni brand is a combination of functionality, affordability, and modern design.

The table is made from solid oak wood. The wood used for the Jakku table undergoes all stages of processing at the Miloni facility, including sawing the felled oaks, and seasoning and drying the boards.

The round, simple, and sturdy legs provide a stable base for the table, adding a modern, minimalist character.

The tabletop is distinguished by a subtle, smooth chamfer, giving it lightness and finesse, even though the entire construction is stable and solid. This chamfer detail, repeated on the shorter side of the apron, adds a sense of lightness to the table.

We understood that a contemporary table often serves not only as a place for meals but also for work. Therefore, we designed a version with a hidden, narrow drawer, ideal for storing a laptop or other small items.

The table is available in various lengths, with the possibility of extension thanks to its sliding feature. This makes it an ideal solution for both everyday use and special occasions.

We proposed a unique color palette, introduced with the intention of expanding Miloni’s existing “natural” color range. Each shade was carefully developed to harmonize with a variety of interiors, both classic and contemporary. The colors from the new palette make the furniture a striking accent in a monochromatic space or, conversely, integrate it into energetic, multicolored interiors.


Cherry blossom pink, the color of Generation Y, also known as millennial pink, combines a powdery pink with a warm beige hue. This is no coincidence! The natural color of oak wood blends with the pastel pink shade taken from the fragrant cherry blossoms in the morning.


“For you were my thrill. On Blueberry Hill,” sang Fats Domino. The stunning Blueberry Blue brings an interior thrill. It electrifies, catches the eye, and you won’t be able to look away until evening, when it blends with the color of the navy sky.


The most energetic and unique color in the palette created by the Kabo & Pydo studio, Papaya Orange, bursts with juiciness like tropical fruits ripening in the full sun. It blushes and hesitates, undecided whether to lean more towards red or orange. One thing is certain: it will bring a warm, warming, and slightly exotic atmosphere to any interior.


A table in Cranberry Red exudes classic elegance and inherent charm. It pairs wonderfully with vintage furniture and would be a proud addition to any villa. “What a beautiful color you have” – “Thank you, you too. Isn’t it cozy here?” – their whispers once overheard, carried softly by the echo across stone floors.


Is Fig Purple more Greek fig or Polish plum? It’s still unknown, despite its name. It’s neither a typical purple nor indigo. The color of the wood patinates its tone. Unlike the grayish wax on fruits, the colored wax covering the furniture won’t rub off or shine through contact with a shirt sleeve.


Did you know that another name for avocado is the ‘alligator pear’? Inspiring! May every meal at our tables be delicious and enjoyed with gratitude.


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