Snow shovel

The shovel allows both traditional snow shoveling and snow shoveling like a snow plow.
This is possible thanks to a specially shaped shovel. A broader perspective on the number of ways to work with snow was made clear to us by an experienced employee of the ice rink, who tested the shovel when the project was well under way.
We wanted the best possible functionality and convenience of the shovel, so we modified the design.
Users also appreciate that snow does not stick to the surface of the shovel. We achieved this by choosing the right finish, as well as specially shaped embossing of the shovel.
The shovel shovel is finished in an aluminum strip, which helps crush ice and increases the shovel’s durability.
We also took care of the tool’s versatility by using higher side walls than in other products of this type.
This gives the shovel a higher capacity and can also be used for flipping loose materials such as grain, sand or gravel.

year: 2022
client: CELLFAST
design: KABO & PYDO design studio
design team: Katarzyna Borkowska, Tomasz Pydo, Jacek Nosiła, Janek Wilczak
cooperation: zespół konstruktorów Cellfast


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