PRO900 DIGITAL level electronic module

PRO is a Polish tool manufacturer well-known for durable and precise levels. They commissioned us to design an electronic digital module. A digital module expands upon the capabilities of a traditional level by making it possible to, for example, conduct precise measurements in various units, store a history of last measurements, benefit from audio signalling, or set a plane for relative measurements.

The core idea for the module was to integrate two independent and illuminated segment displays, a button panel, replaceable batteries and ensure water and dust ingress protection compliant with an IP65 protection rating at the least. By conducting a basic analysis of user needs, we identified a number of critical design areas. Intuitive operation turned out to be of paramount importance, hence the large, rubber buttons with clear descriptions. We divided them into two zones and ensured colour coding. The displays are clearly visible from both straight ahead, as well as at an angle, from the sides or from above. Since the module had to endure the hardships of a construction site, we worked on its optimum integration into the outline of the PRO900 level, so that it not protrude beyond the housing. In designing the housing itself, we avoided shapes that could cause dirt to accumulate and hinder cleaning. We chose a surface finish that would stop scratches from showing on the device. We refined the final product together with the manufacturer. Once the product successfully passed a series of tests, the PRO900 Digital digital level was ready to become part of the manufacturer’s offer.

year: 2022
manufacturer: PRO
electronic module design: KABO & PYDO design studio
design team: Jacek NosiƂa, Tomasz Pydo, Katarzyna Borkowska
spirit level design: PRO constructors team


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