PianoLight Grand

PianoLight Grand is an intelligent piano floor lamp meticulously designed to meet the needs of both grand piano and digital piano players. Unlike typical lamps, it ensures uniform and sufficient brightness for both sheet music (brightness: 500lx) and the piano keys on both sides (brightness: 300lx). The light head is equipped with convex lenses on both sides, converging light beams onto the left and right piano keys to enhance the brightness of the keys on both sides. As a result, our piano lamp effectively illuminates all 88 keys while maintaining even sheet music lighting. Moreover, it also comes with a built-in ambient light sensor to automatically supplement the required light for piano playing based on the environmental brightness and offer two modes of lighting to cater to different usage scenarios. When using electronic sheet music, users can use the “Key Illuminated Mode” to avoid reflections on the sheet music area. Conversely, when using regular paper sheet music, they can choose the ” Key-Sheet Illuminated Mode” to illuminate both the sheet music and piano keys simultaneously. Additionally, if children playing the piano often forget to turn on the lights, the lamp will automatically detect their presence or absence and switch the light on or off accordingly. Users can also activate the “My Favorites” mode to select their preferred color temperature and brightness.


year: 2024
manufacturer: BenQ
design: KABO & PYDO design studio, BenQ Corporation
design team: Tomasz Pydo, Katarzyna Borkowska, Jacek Nosiła, Joanna Kośko, Maciej Solarek


Design process

The archetypal design of a piano carries with it a unique
charge of emotions. We searched for these same emotions
when designing our lamp..

The form of the lamp is a bridge between the nobility and refinement of the piano shape and the modernity and advanced technology that the lamp hides inside. With subtle references to the details of the piano, such as the lid-prop, the lamp forms a seamless unity with the instrument. The cross-section of the aluminum profiles can be inscribed in a circle, which is a result of the pursuit of the simplest form, while maintaining a unique character. The universal and elegant style fits well into both contemporary interior living spaces, as well as in the surrounding of a concert hall. The details of the lamp are a harmony of sharp edges, flat surfaces and curves that create artistic shadows and reflections. The black, satin finish is complemented by golden details, reminiscent of the piano’s interior.


Pianos are commonly chosen for children learning music, and a good piano lamp is essential to protect their eyes. Most desk lamps in the market are designed for horizontal reading, causing uneven lighting when used for vertical sheet music. Since piano keys can extend up to 120 cm, a range that general desk lamps cannot cover effectively, our specially designed piano lamp ensures eye protection for piano learners.

After interviewing several piano teachers, we identified three key lighting requirements for pianos: wide and uniform illumination of the keys, even lighting of sheet music, and minimal glare. To address these needs, we’ve developed a dedicated piano floor lamp. It features convex lenses on both sides of the lamp head to focus light on the piano keys, an L-shaped aluminum reflectors for even sheet music lighting, and an independent dual-zone lighting design. Pianists can switch between modes with a single click, ensuring optimal lighting for their playing needs.

Adjustment of the lamp relative to the instrument and space

Five usage scenarios have been defined. For grand pianos, users can place the lamp near the keys, next to themselves, or behind the keys. For digital pianos, the lamp can be positioned near the keys or next to the user. The lamp is adjustable for left or right orientation in all scenarios.

Therefore, based on the aforementioned PianoLight placement scenarios, we have designed three main pivot points for the piano lamp. This allows for adjustment of the lamp head to the most suitable position, regardless of its placement, ensuring optimal lighting.

We have developed an eye protection fender for children, which precisely calculates its length based on the child’s seated height. This ensures that children can practice playing the piano without direct light interference, allowing for better concentration.

Panel design

The lamp features an intuitive, touch-sensitive control panel. Thanks to a presence sensor, it activates automatically, gradually illuminating the keys and sheet music. The lamp remembers the last settings of light temperature, brightness, and the number of light sources. There is an option for independent illumination of keys and sheet music. With the ability to program a favorite setting, we can always return to it by clicking the heart icon.

The sharp-cut round shapes create the DNA of the object. This contrast is well visible on the counterweight, which keeps the lamp in balance. The discreet, golden logo harmonizes with piano details.

The shape of the arm continues the shape of the stand. This geometry creates optical illusions. Such a form is simple, but difficult to define. It creates an unusual character.

The slender light head conceals a wealth of advanced technology. Sensors enable the lamp to intelligently assist the user in various aspects. Mounted on a ball joint, it allows for precise adjustment to meet the user’s needs.
The lamp rotates on a bearing- mounted, stable base. The discreet charm of the base is emphasized by the shadows that are arranged on the delicate curves and sharp edges.

We put a lot of effort into ensuring that the lamp looks good even when folded.


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