OXY breathable flower pot

OXY is a completely new category of flower pots, that care for the plants’ needs. They’re the effect of nursery knowledge analysis and research in plant nurseries. Unlike conventional plastic pots, these allow roots to breathe easily and excess water doesn’t cause overwatering. These features allow for better growth. Combination of rigid outer structure and internal breathable felt container is a unique solution. On the bottom of the pot, there’s a water reservoir, where excess water is stored. Felt container distributes it as needed. The pot itself is a unique interior accent. Interesting form accentuates the plant’s aesthetics. While being characteristic, it doesn’t dominate the space. Ribbed form is very rigid, and despite it’s airy appearance, it will house even large and heavy specimens. It’s made of durable polypropylene that doesn’t contain any additives, which makes it easy to recycle. The product is aimed at people that value beautiful interiors and plants. The pots come in two sizes (1.5L and 10L) allowing for an arrangement in different scales. Chosen colours are the effect of current trends analysis and will match modern interiors.

year: 2018
manufacturer: Opeko
design team: Tomasz Pydo, Katarzyna Borkowska, Ewa Nowak, Małgorzata Załuska, Jarosław Markowicz
– IF Design 2020
– Red Dot 2020
– Must Have 2020


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