Modern rockers

Before starting the design process, we conducted workshops with children to understand what they need from playground equipment. The children were given a chance to tell us about their games and what they find important. We then started observing their behaviour at playgrounds and talking to their parents and guardians. The greatest design challenge proved to be creating a rocker that would attract children for more than a minute and intended for the broadest possible audience (such toys are usually used by the youngest children).

Once a proof of concept was developed, children tested the equipment we designed. In the end, we came up with four rockers that allow rocking in many positions, directions and at various heights. They encourage children to experiment while playing, while their minimalist form stimulates their imagination. The toys were designed to be gender-neutral. The rockers can be used by children of all ages, not only by the youngest, among which they are the most popular.

year: 2018
manufacturer: KBT
design: KABO & PYDO design studio
design team: Tomasz Pydo, Katarzyna Borkowska, Małgorzata Załuska, Ewa Nowak, Jarosław Markowicz, Michał Majdak
co-operation: KBT’s constructors team
research team: Agata Nowotny, Tomasz Pydo, Katarzyna Borkowska, Jarosław Markowicz, Małgorzata Załuska, Ewa Nowak
Can be bought directly from the manufacturer: KBT


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