DELTA lighting system

The Delta lighting system has been specifically designed for public spaces. The system features elements for ambient lighting and attachable modules for directional lighting. The combination of luminous tubes with precious metal details llids the design an elegant character. The modularity of the system allows the lighting to be precisely tailored to the designated space. The most distinctive detail of the concept is the metal sling, whose repetitive rhythmic pattern, combined with the subtle lighting, creates a unique atmosphere


year: 2024
company: LumoLamp
design: KABO & PYDO design studio
design team: Tomasz Pydo, Katarzyna Borkowska, Joanna Kośko, Maciej Solarek, Jan Wilczak



The entire system consists of several components that can be easily connected together. The connection system is easy to use. The system offers many possibilities to meet the needs of the designer or user. The non-illuminated components can be powder-coated in any colour. Acoustic lampshades, which are an addition to the collection, also allow for additional personalisation. The collection has several hanging heights and a connecting element to the wall, so that the lamp can hang not only from the ceiling but also throughout the room.

The connection between the 2 lamps is solved in an easy and intuitive way, just connect the two luminous modules together and twist. It also allows electric current to flow between the lamps without additional cables.

The colour of the light can be changed via an app, remote control or smart home system. The system also allows each section to be lit in a different colour.



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