LAYERS furniture collection


The LAYERS furniture collection was designed for small rooms that require compact furniture. A characteristic element of the collection is the receding front which intriguingly refracts light in a completely cubist form of furniture. This is the manufacturer’s first furniture collection in which the customer, in addition to the base color, can choose a second complementary color for the receded fronts and handles. We suggested the manufacturer to implement 8 new colors.

The collection is complemented by a set of mirrors shelves and hangers.


year: 2024
manufacturer: Górna Półka
design: KABO & PYDO design studio
design team: Tomasz Pydo, Katarzyna Borkowska, Joanna Kośko, Jacek Nosiła, Maciej Solarek, Jan Wilczak, Zuzanna Telka



We offered two types of handles to choose from. We have matched the colors of RAL powder paint and plate laminate, it is possible to configure single-color furniture.

Thinking about the environment

Completing the collection is a family of standing and hanging mirrors, as well as shelves and hangers. The mirrors, just like the furniture, can be composed of different colors of plates and standard and rainbow glass sheets.

Sample color combination.

Shelves, hangers and displays that can be placed on furniture.


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