Fairytale rockers

(deer, fox, dog, panda, tyrannosaurus, triceratops)

This range of fairy-tale rockers was inspired by the animal world, both past and present. These include the following: deer, fox, dog, panda, tyrannosaurus, triceratops. We enhanced the popular playground animal theme with a proprietary, three-dimensional solution for the head structure. This allowed us to obtain more sculpture-like forms that stimulate children’s imaginations.
The design process was preceded by tests at playgrounds, conversations with guardians and workshops conducted with children, which allowed us to learn what the youngest need. All rockers were tested by children before their introduction to the market.

year: 2018
manufacturer: KBT
design: KABO & PYDO design studio
design team: Tomasz Pydo, Katarzyna Borkowska, Małgorzata Załuska, Ewa Nowak, Jarosław Markowicz
co-operation: KBT’s constructors team
research team: Agata Nowotny, Tomasz Pydo, Katarzyna Borkowska, Jarosław Markowicz, Małgorzata Załuska, Ewa Nowak
Can be bought directly from the manufacturer: KBT.


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