ERGO™ water supply system

The ERGO system consists of a series of sprinklers and garden accessories unique in their consistent style and exceptional utility. The gun sprinklers include an innovative hook allowing them to be put away anywhere and saving users from back pain from bending over. The hook also limits the grip force needed to operate the system. These two design solutions came about mainly with the elderly in mind, suffering from back pain, as well as reduced grip strength or precision. Thanks to the comfortable handle it’s easy and trouble-free to use. Its oval cross-section was developed in line with anthropometric data and recommendations. The products have a unique Safetouch surface, which is a flexible, non-slip material used for touch points and to protect the device in case of impacts against hard surfaces. A strainer with conical holes is a crucial part of the whole, as it ensures that the stream of water is at the same time precise, but also gentle for the plants. Each detail and shape are there for a reason. Users can learn all about functions offered by ERGO products thanks to legible markings (in contrasting black and white). In designing a fully comprehensive line-up, we also focused on costs, which are of particular importance for the manufacturer. ERGO is a system of products based on repeating elements, such as sprinkler housings and nuts used in numerous products. The ERGO line stands out among others with its convenience, ergonomic shapes and cost-effective manufacturing.
The ERGO product line initially comprised 16 products, including: straight sprinklers, gun sprinklers, quick couplings (for connecting sprinklers with a garden hose), reparators (connectors for garden hoses), rotary sprinklers and a garden shower. This was the project that started our ongoing co-operation with the Cellfast brand at the beginning of 2013. It also entailed a change to the company’s colours, which we also designed. At the moment we’re working with the manufacturer, constantly expanding the ERGO range by adding products such as: water distributors, sprinkler lances, tap connections and hose reels. The ERGO line’s style is also consistently implemented in gardening tool designs, forming a fully cohesive family of products.

year: 2015
manufacturer: Cellfast
design: KABO & PYDO design studio
design team: Tomasz Pydo, Katarzyna Borkowska
co-operation: Cellfast’s constructors team
outdoor photos: Wojtek Woźniak
Available for purchase online, for example in the Cellfast store, or in OBI DIY stores
– Dobry Wzór 2015 (Good Design 2015)
– Good Design 2016
– Must Have 2015
– Red Dot 2015
– Top Design 2016



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