ERGO ™ water distributors

A distributor is a part of a garden water system that allows multiple devices to be connected to one tap and the water stream to be separated.
When analysing the distributors available on the market, we noticed that they require one to bend down to see the scale and markings on the knob. In the distributor we designed for Cellfast the knobs are arranged to face the user’s eyes and remove the need for bending down. Another feature that helps the distributor stand out from the competition are the larger knob handles, which significantly improve ergonomics, especially for the elderly.
The economical design allows cheaper production. The water supply core doubles as an aesthetic casing (constituting a single part), unlike competitors’ distributors with a water supply core and a casing (two elements). For the greatest tightness possible, the heat welded elements have been reduced to two small flaps.
The distributor’s are compatible with taps of different sizes and come themselves in two sizes: double and quadruple.

year: 2016
manufacturer: Cellfast
design: KABO & PYDO design studio
design team: Tomasz Pydo, Katarzyna Borkowska
co-operation: Cellfast’s constructors team


Available for purchase online, for example in the Cellfast store, or in OBI DIY stores.

– Dobry Wzór 2017 (Good Design 2017) finalist


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