ERGO™ small gardening tools

In designing the small garden care tool set we paid great attention to how they felt in hand and their ergonomic aspects. We conducted in-field tests in gardens with users and products available on the market. One of our conclusions was how important the shape of the tool handle is for comfortable and ergonomic driving, pulling and dragging of the tools over the soil. Based on these observations, we developed a handle with a collar that fingers can brace against while driving. Meanwhile, the bent handle end supports the ball of the hand and the wrist while driving, while also acting as a gripping surface for one’s fingers when the tool is removed from the soil. This way the user can enjoy long work sessions without feeling pain in this part of the hand. The planting stick’s handle allows the user to grab the product in several different ways. The almost oval cross-section of the handles is the most ergonomic shape for hands. Meanwhile, their dimensions were selected based on anthropometric data. We made 3D-printed prototypes and, after analysing them, arrived at the final form through further improvements.

The set includes: a narrow trowel, a wide trowel, forks, rakes, a gardening tiller and a planting stick.

year: 2016
manufacturer: Cellfast
design: KABO & PYDO design studio
design team: Tomasz Pydo, Katarzyna Borkowska, Olga Szymańska
co-operation: zespół konstruktorów Cellfast
photos: Wojtek Woźniak
Available for purchase online, for example in the Cellfast store
– Dobry Wzór 2016 (Good Design 2016) – finalist
– Top Design 2017


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