ERGO™ rake

What is the perfect rake? One that is light, ergonomic, durable and well-suited to various tasks. By analysing customer needs, we designed tools that combine all these features. The rake heads are flexible and durable, and facilitate sweeping up and transferring the leaves when removed. Landscape rakes, ones with an additional large surface for breaking up soil, are also extremely durable and solid, while remaining light. No need to worry about the head and handle separating during work – all thanks to a precise latch mechanism. At the same time, a soft and comfortable grip tapering out towards the end, ensures the highest level of comfort.

year: 2015
manufacturer: Cellfast
design: KABO & PYDO design studio
design team: Tomasz Pydo, Katarzyna Borkowska
co-operation: Cellfast’s constructors team
product and outdoor photos: Wojtek Woźniak
Available for purchase online, for example in theCellfast store or in OBI DIY store.
– Must Have 2017


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