ERGO™ axes and sharpener

We employed a very clear-cut selection process when we were designing the axes. Our chosen solutions were those that would work in the toughest conditions possible and withstand high mechanical loads. The handles are built from a durable composite material, while the forged head is made of high-quality steel that has been additionally induction hardened. We also ensured they would be safe to use – the axes feel great in the user’s hand thanks to the handle’s non-slip Safetouch surface. Each axe also comes with a cover with a rather convenient handle, which hides a sharpener, so that there’s always one at hand. With seven different models, everyone will find an axe perfectly suited to their needs.

year: 2016 manufacturer: Cellfast design: KABO & PYDO
design studio design team: Tomasz Pydo, Katarzyna Borkowska, Olga Szymańska, Ewa Nowak
co-operation: Cellfast’s constructors team
product and outdoor photos: Wojtek Woźniak
Available for purchase online, for example in the Cellfast store or in OBI DIY stores.
– Dobry Wzór 2017 (Good Deisgn 2017)
– IF Design 2017
– Must Have 2017


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