Automatic Hose Reel ERGO™ 20m

Automatic Hose Reel contains 20 metres of ½ inch hose inside its compact casing. It’s made of high quality materials that can withstand atmospheric conditions such as intense sun and rain. The case features ergonomic handles that allow for effortless pickup that doesn’t require much strength. Simple form houses a sophisticated mechanism, which thanks to a toothed belt provides uniform hose distribution on the drum. Centrifugal brake guarantees safe reeling with a constant speed. Swiveling wall mount allows for a comfortable change of position and easy disassembly after pulling out one element. Simple form was designed to harmonize with architecture, handles doesn’t protrude out of its perimeter. The reel was designed to achieve maximal wall strength with minimal material used. Additionally, in key areas of the hose, internal springs were added. They make sure no kinks are formed, prolonging the hose’s life. The casing’s material doesn’t contain any additives, which makes it easy to recycle. Universal and minimalist design ensures a wide range of targeted users, and a convenient hose distribution system will ensure comfort and safety for each of them.

year: 2016-2019
manufacturer: Cellfast
design: KABO & PYDO design studio
design team: Tomasz Pydo, Katarzyna Borkowska, Jarosław Markowicz, Jacek Nosiła
co-operation: Cellfast’s constructors team
Available for purchase online, for example in the Cellfast store, or in OBI DIY stores.
– Dobry Wzór 2020 (Good Design 2020)



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